Meet Hannah, the beauty and brains behind Australian sustainable babywear brand; Bam Loves Boo. Brisbane based mother of one, Hannah has a decade of experience in the fashion industry, which is evident in all of her work. After spending years designing and working for other 'big brands', Hannah took a leap of faith and decided to launch a brand of her own. We are so glad she did! Bam Loves Boo has quickly become one of our fav baby brands and Hannah has become a good friend! The moment we felt the buttery soft fabric of her designs, we knew we would be customers for life (well, for as long as she will have us). We are so honored to be able to share her story and give a little 'behind the brand' insight to what its like being a business owner, mother and advocate for sustainable fashion!!

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Introduce yourself! You is in your tribe?
Hey Everyone! I’m Hannah and I am the designer behind Bam Loves Boo, we are little tribe of 3, my husband mike and our little 2 year old girl Harlow.

We know you’ve had many years of experience in design, what inspired you to use these skills to launch your own brand?
It has always been in the back of my mind to start my own label one day, but the thought of leaving a job that I already loved in the industry to do this was to daunting. It was only once I was on maternity leave that I found myself really missing that creative outlet and although it was a nice break from deadlines and the pressure of the design industry I was itching to get back into it. With a bit of nudge from my husband and some inspiration from my newborn for the need for comfortable, practical and ultimately sustainable babywear; Bam Love Boo was born.

All your fabrics are designed by you- that’s impressive! Can you share a little insight to your design process?
Yes sure, it’s a bit of long process for me, it would be a lot easier and cheaper for me to pick something off the shelf but I wanted to create something special that is as great for delicate skin as it is the environment. It took us year altogether to perfect but its something I truly believe it and absolutely love. (If anyone has felt it they will know how special and soft it is) The next step is to dye our fabric using eco- friendly dyes to our own colour and finally unique art is hand printed all over it, that’s the only way to be certain that the fabric is non toxic and is chemical free from start to finish. The design Process itself is something I thrive on and love nothing more than sitting up well into the night designing new prints and playing with new styles.


As a mum and business owner, how important is YOU time?
To be honest this is one I struggle with and always try to include but I get very little. If I’m not with my daughter then I’m working whether it be during nap times or evenings, although saying that I'm actually enjoying my work and this creative space so kinda try to see this as ME time anyway…god is that sad? haha!


Run us through a typical business day with Bam loves Boo.
Well no day is typical really my husband is a shift worker so i'm lucky some days he will be off during the week and I can get some hours in otherwise its just when Harlow sleeps. At the moment i'm in design mode so today I spent the morning drawing and painting some new print options then will be turning them into repeats, the rest of the day will be shared with paperwork, maybe a post office run or replying to emails etc. But I love that every day is different but ultimately it revolves around my daughter as I started this so I can be fortunate enough to stay home. If she decides against sleeping then ultimately no work gets done.


We know you work hard to create a sustainable and ethical brand. Can you share the importance of these two things to you?
These two aspects are what drive us, and are questioned at each step in our process, sure it’s a nice design but is it sustainable? Is it ethical? And if the answer is no then I have to problem solve until I can think of a way it is. To be brutally honest I have been in the fashion industry for a while, designing for some big corporations in UK and Australia and sadly at times in my career I have seen with my own eyes non ethical practices and the waste involved in fast fashion and its something I have wanted to change and has been the driving force behind this Brand.


When you’re not running Bam loves boo, what do you find yourself doing?
I'm really lucky I actually have a few best friends who have had their babies around the same time so we hang out a lot together and the little ones all get on great (most the time), they are getting to a good age where they can play together and we can finally start to enjoy a coffee again and hold a full conversation again!


Tell us about a struggle you’ve faced during business. How did this impact you and your business?
Honestly the commitment to being an environmentally friendly brand has been a struggle in itself at times, it’s sadly against the norm. We are challenging our suppliers each step of the way to change there processes for us and seek alternatives such as chemical free, plastic free, sourcing recycled options just to name a few. It’s all a bit of a struggle at times but it kind becomes addictive trying to find these solutions and push the boundaries.

One piece of advice for someone launching a business?
Just start, and work it out as you go, you don’t have to have it all planned before your start. Starting was the hardest thing and was in my head for so long, then I remember finally saying it out loud to my sister and then for me that got the ball rolling, and was then no going back. She would check in for progress reports haha, just having someone to have some sort of accountability helped give me the kick start I needed.

What has been the most rewarding/exciting moment in business life so far?
This is super cheesy I know but really there is nothing better than just seeing a little one in my pieces, mainly when you don’t expect it like at the local park or supermarket. Just knowing that they have chosen to put that on that day purely because they love it not that they know you, or rep etc they were never expecting to see the person behind it, for me that doesn’t get more genuine than that.

Tell us what community means to you
Community to me means support, and I have been so lucky to have found so much in this community of small business and other mums. Having experienced at times in my career the other side of fashion; where more often than not people do not share, uplift or help another its been so refreshing to now experience exactly that with mums and small business going above and beyond to support and help each other grow.

How often do you use Instagram as a business owner?
Everyday. Most of my sales come from instagram so its important to maintain it and use its as a marketing tool as well as a social one. I am very tiny in this insta world with only 3.6K followers but I pride on it being organic growth and legitimate followers. Its hard not to get sucked in though as really could spend hours searching beautiful accounts and brands.

Whats next for Bam loves Boo? Can you give any insight into what you’re planning?
Well I am currently designing the next large range. As part of our commitment to sustainability we don’t do seasonal ranges instead I design one large range and throughout the year will drip feed in new styles and prints as our current stock dwindles. Some great new prints are in works, some of our fav’s will return on new colours and we will even be adding something for our Mama Muses.



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